Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Czech it out...

      The cold weather over the past weekend dropped
water temps, and sent the fish to the depths of the river
during the morning hours. Fish were picked up here and
there on stone fly, caddis larva combo's under an indicator.
This morning I switched tactics... We searched for the
deepest riffle runs we could find, and rigged up a heavy
double Czech nymph rig. We used my new size #6
Konk Larva as the anchor fly on bottom, and Larry's
Metallic larva above as the "match the hatch" fly.
The first three casts produced three hook- ups.
     If the fish are hugging the bottom, your flies need
to be doing the same. Next time you set out for the
river, make sure you have brushed up on your Czech nymphing
skills, it might be the difference between a slow day,
and a great day..

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