Saturday, May 14, 2011

On the edge

    We are starting to see elevated flows on the Arkansas due to recent low level moisture, luckily it is so dry that most of the water is quickly being absorbed. The clarity has varied during the past week, but has stayed fishable through-out.
    Fishing has remained good sub-surface, Fish are eagerly taking attractor nymphs, stones and caddis pupa. As for dries, I would  throw dry dropper rigs with a stimulator on top, and a #16 bead head caddis pupa below, then just be happy with the select few that come up and hit the stimmy.
    Don't let high water keep you from fishing, this can be some of the easiest fishing of the year, Just like in low water situations, fish get concentrated to "live-able Areas". In low water this means you will find the fish in deep runs with good cover, in high water, they go to the edges. The edges provide reprieve from the heavy current, better clarity, and ample food.
It is a great time to break out the big sticks, the streamer box and start pounding the edges.

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