Saturday, May 28, 2011


    In conjunction with being a fly fishing guide, I am also an ironworker and my job tends to take me out of my traditional fly fishing haunts, but if there is water you will find me fly rod in hand searching out whatever swims below. My current job conveniently has me placed on an old flooded rock quarry that is loaded with big carp and bass.
    People that think of carp as trash-fish instead of sport-fish, apparently have never hooked one on a fly rod, although I do not want these creatures inhabiting our pristine trout waters, carp have their place and put up a hell of a fight. In early mornings and late evenings you will find these slabs schooled up cruising the shallows in search of food. This is the perfect time to brush up your salt water skills, big rods, long casts,delicate presentation and long fights make this fish as close to a salt water flats fish as you can get on our land locked states. If you live in urban areas or out in B.F.E, likely you have ponds, lakes or rivers full of these fish, so get out and put your skills to the test.

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