Monday, August 29, 2011

Fall Anticipation

    With afternoon temperatures still nearing 100 degrees in many areas, it seems that fall is still a long way out; but after spending last week on the Taylor river, I found signs of fall were quite evident.
  As we drove through Taylor park at 3:30 am the headlights were shining off the frost on the trees and after raiding my gear bag for any warm clothes left over from the spring, it was off to the avalanche hole.
 Fishing was great for numbers of fish, although the big boys we were after were few and far between. The browns were stacked up thick in the deeper pools with blaze orange sides and fins eagerly packing on the protein for their upcoming ritual.
  The Gunnison river had started it's fall transformation as well, with kokanee starting their journey from Blue Mesa reservoir to the spawning grounds on the East river.
    Fall is a great time to be out on the river for dry fly fishing and you always have a chance of hooking up with a giant brown while tossing streamers..