Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Work can wait, it's time to fish..

Now is the time to get out on the Arky, we have low clear water, an abundance of blue winged olives, and a caddis hatch progressing up the river as we speak.. With the forecast of rising temperatures being a positive for the caddis hatch, it is also a negative for our recent low level snow pack. Take every chance you can over the next few weeks to wet a line. We all know high water is coming... We just don't know when?


  1. Who helped you with the Blog? Me Likes! I Second this post, get to the Ark STAT!

  2. After being dragged on a few trips with this guy, I realized I didnt know jack about fly fishing. He built the fundamentals in my game and lit a fire in the a trip he's the real deal!!

  3. I second Dj's comment! Clint is a first class guide. Book with him and you'll have a great day on the water and leave a better fly fisher!